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Is a revolver a pistol?


Dec 19, 2023
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I consider a pistol and revolver to be two different types of handguns. With that being said, I have definitely used the word pistol when referring to a revolver. What do you guys think? Is a revolver technically considered a pistol? Obviously, I don’t have much going on this morning to come up with this thought.
I think technically a revolver isn't a pistol but I don't think anyone cares if you interchange the terms. It's not a critical faux paus like calling a magazine a clip.
I was reading an interesting clip the other day . . .

Like that?

No, a revolver is a revolver and a pistol is a pistol, but both are handguns.

But, like the magazine/clip thing, if someone says clip when talking about a pistol I understand what they're trying to convey and it's okay by me. I don't care.

I don't know about the pistol/revolver thing. I think that whole thing is maybe just made up gun talk by gun snobs.
I only use the word “revolver” when there is a need to make a distinction between pistols. Same way I might use “single action” to differentiate “revolvers” when speaking to someone that knows the difference.
I use them interchangeably. For instance,
Friend: "Hey man, what pistol are you carrying today?"
Me: "Oh I brought my GP100 today." I don't think it's super critical to make the distinction, if it was designed to be used in just your hands, it can be a pistol or a handgun. It's all semantics I guess.
Just yesterday I used the term pistol, then realized there was a semi auto and a revolver, so I clarified down to revolver. I still believe it’s a general term for a handgun.
I think the Air Force finally closed the lid on revolvers last year…they were considered pilots’ guns in both services for the longest.
They have new ones since then but that's the last of the revolvers. The last updated manual they had before I retired was the same FM but no revolvers...combat training with pistols, M9 and M11 (Beretta 92 and Sig P228).

I have not seen the new one since they have all new pistols
"What handgun are you carrying?"
"You mean this ol' pistol? It's just a semi-automatic revolver."