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Sep 9, 2023
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Not my best, not my worst. I am looking forward to my new reloading press, I am hoping for a more consistent loading process. Top left of the target was my cold bore, pretty dang close.

Working up a bit hotter of a load. This is averaging 2770 f/s with 140gr Berger VLD Target. I am trying to get good results over larger sets of data. I just don't believe in getting a good 5 shot group here or there and calling it good. So I did a 30 round batch here, and shot 10 round groups. Except for the first set, I split into two groups of 5. Case in point, the post right before this is the same load.

Set 1:


Set 2:


Set 3:

Forgot to take a picture of the 50 yard group, but the 200 was pretty decent. 3 shots with a new load RDS no magnification.

Load was a 77 grain SMK over Tac that averaged just under 2670 out of a 16" 1-7
77 SMK.jpg
6 ARC bullet set back test. now I guess I need to work on me. Best group is MOA out of a AR platform. I’m guessing I need to work on powder charges. I do have something that can play with and adjust.


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I know it’s not much to be impressed with. But I was sighting in a mossberg MVP at 100 yards chambered in 556 and shooting Hornady Match steel in 52gr 223. First group was to just sight it in, and I tightened it up from there. The unmarked holes are just an an AK I ran open sights while standing up. So those don’t count lol


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Shot the above targets in an f open match yesterday all while passing a kidney stone yesterday. I shot pretty good till the last relay where the wheels fell off. Shooting is fun and kidney stones suck! Second stone in a month. The one positive about the last relay is that most of my 9's were up wind meaning I had enough balls to be aggressive on my wind calls.
Nice shooting especially with a distraction like that
And I thought trying to hold a group while I had to pee was bad....... :oops:

Well done. I love the shotmarker system.
Got to love the 6mm’s. That little bullet is flying.