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Recoil Control


Sep 16, 2023
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I saw this at another place and it makes sense so I thought I'd steal it and share here. I think I’ll add the stick to my grip crushers when I do stuff.

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I saw this at another place and it makes sense so I thought I'd steal it and share here. I think all add the stick to my grip crushers when I do stuff.

Like that guy would know anything about it!! 😎

Thanks for sharing. Have never seen that, but plan to share with several folks I know. Excellent tip. I need to work on my noodling. I have issues with that during extended rapid fire.
Lots of ways to skin that cat. Random thoughts..... There are several female grand master class pistol shooters, that can't even begin to match the grip strength of a 15 year old boy in fair shape, that can shoot just as fast and as accurately as the guys that work on their crushing grip with the heaviest of grip exercises.
The more you crush your grip onto things the less fine finger motion you have.

There are an equal amount of fast, accurate pistol shooters that advocate neutral grip tension and let the pistol recoil as long as it returns to the same point each time.

Still others that recommend about a handshake firm grip with a bit of push pull to tame recoil.

What Jerry does works for Jerry, and it's as good a place to start or try as any, but it may not work for you and how you interface with a pistol.

Best way to see what is working for you is a drill from long ago called a Bill drill*. From the holster draw and fire 6 shots into a target 7 yards away within a 2 second time frame. If all the shots are centered and within 6" of each other your " recoil control" is working what ever you are doing. If not change things until it is. Warning! This isn't a drill to practice over and over! It is a drill to do every once in a while. Kinda like a check up.

*Bill drill, named after Bill Wilson of Wilson Combat fame
Lots of ways to skin that cat.

And this is why I will try anything new to see if it makes sense or may help. If it doesn't, then I toss it. If it does, then I'll use it. Just like the "Bill Drill". I will probably now do it because it makes sense. I've learned other similar drills for self-assessment and this will probably get filed away in one more exercise to do.

I don't think a person should object to something because it's novel or something they are unfamiliar with. I see that a lot tho.
I'm not too set in my ways with my only exception to being a sponge and trying new techniques, is range theatrics. The head bobs and swivels, port checks, swooping rifles and shit. Nah.
Beats me, it's practice & then train with what works for you.

I grew up 20% dominant hand & 80% non-dominant hand grip weaver style draw, aim & fire pistol shooting that my oldest bro taught me.

I can shoot short distance one hand dominant & non-dominant, but it isn't all ten ring.

My pop was pre-weaver style one hand dominant & non-dominant combat style revolver & semiauto.