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S&W "Smooth" finally released

I figured Smith would come along and get in on the Lever Gun game. I like the look of that wood too.

So far only 44 Mag it looks like.
Those turds. I was really hoping for a SAA or schofield type revolver. I like the way the wood one looks, but for $3500 I wish it was rust blued. The stainless isn’t bad though, and a lot more realistically priced. I wonder when they’ll be in stores?
Boomer's wet dream
Or maybe come out with the S&W 444 Marlin..... Uh I mean 444 S&W

Joking aside 460/500 would be pretty cool!
Oh now ya done it ya said no brainer in the thread about a firearms company!.... Let's put a big old gay safety on a firearm that hasn't needed one for over 140 years! Let's put a cheese grater rail section on a sleek lever gun! Let's design a pistol with a grip angle that only some fag from Australia would find utile!!! Oh I could go on and on....... but on some thread in all this mess someone said titties so I'm still trying to find that!
I really like the modernization of lever guns and bringing them into the 21st century. Not that I don’t mind the classics, but there was a reason that they “fell out of favor”.
I can tell ya why, they are hard to put an optic on and the stocks were never comfortable to use a scope with. Think I'm wrong? When did ARs really take off??? When they flat topped them and made them easy to scope, before that some folks had them, but the old iron sight thing! And for this reason, they will sell some but it won't take off like anything easy and comfy to put a scope on.