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The rifle bounce


Jan 14, 2024
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3 positions, really just lines on the ground, 1 meter apart. 2 targets at 200 yards/meters. Use the IPSC Metric target... The one with a head!
At the first position, shoot two shots on each target from standing. From second position shoot two shots on each target from sitting or kneeling. From third position shoot two shots on each target from prone, if you are using a bipod, it must be folded until you get to the prone position. Do a magazine change between each position. Strive for 60 seconds or less. Each A zone hit is worth 10 points, each C zone hit is worth 7, and each D zone 3.... Total possible points 120. Try to shoot 80% of points!
This is a great drill! If running a bolt gun, one per target and reload 1 round per position! Of these 3, I do this one the most, followed by the down up! Have fun!!?
I’m pretty sure the only thing that would bounce is the rifle if it fell on me. I’d probably just splat. Three and a half months of sitting on my nuts in a classroom or doing homework has my ass fluffier than a new pillow. 😝