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The rifle down, up drill, 60 seconds out of your life.


Jan 14, 2024
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Great little drill for a skill builder. Start 100 yards target with 10" circle or an IPSC target. standing rifle in low or hi ready. On start fire one round off hand, drop to kneeling, fire one round, get into sitting, fire one round, get into prone, fire 1 round, THEN perform a reload of at least 1 round and fire one more round prone, then get into sitting, fire a round, go to kneeling fire a round, then back to standing and one more round offhand! It is an 8 round drill, and the par time is 60 seconds. All shots need to end up in A zone or circle.

I have a couple more drills for ya, but I'm gonna space them out a bit so you can try them out.
Well, you got the sitting position all sewed up...... As long as you use a ching sling and no resting on the arm! 😁