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Turkey 2024

The boy and I are headed out Thursday night I think. Hopefully the birds and roads cooperate better for all of us.
I’ve had birds on camera everyday for the last week or so and I can’t make it out until Monday at the earliest.
You have birds, so you have the hard part covered. Looks like you got a pretty good place to set up mid-day too (unless there is a feeder out of view). Good luck Monday!
Me and lil buddy got one Saturday afternoon with our new 510 mini 410 and federal TSS. He was curled up in a tarp in my lap and got to watch the whole thing. 37yd shot. 9” beard, 1 1/8”. & 7/8” spurs. 18.8lbs.


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It wouldn’t let me insert the pics, only attach…
My neighbor was telling me he saw a flock of turkeys wandering down NW 36th Street (must have been between the lake and MacArthur, I think) the other day. Too bad the .gov frowns on firing firearms inside city limits. 🤔
I had one in my cul de sac and another in the neighborhood park in the May/hefner area
I see them all over the state, from singles to whole flocks.

Few weeks back several miles north of my place there was approx 30 in a field, looked to be a feeder out there.