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Krieger Barrels


Jan 19, 2024
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Here is a promotional video from Krieger. I really like their barrels, having several of them on different rifles.
I talked to one of their people in Houston at the NRA show a few years ago and he told me they had barrel making equipment that was made during the first world war, 1917. Of course they had been changed from being driven by a leather belt to electric motors, and I expect fitted with DROs.

On one of my trips to Gene Sears for reloading supplies I noticed a 55 gal drum full of Krieger barrels. This was several years ago but less than 10. Gene’s grandson was talking about his little group shooting 1000 yard groups. Of course they were using Stolle acrions, 6 oz triggers, the best optics, etc.
Gene used to have things like that (barrel bargains, pun intended) but now he is gone and I don’t expect those deals will happen again.