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What press do you use and why?

Beautiful Mulberry

Mar 24, 2024
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I have several presses that I purchased and inherited from my grandpa.
I started out loading on an old pacific press where you up stroke the case into the dies.
For years Iv done most of my load development on my Rcbs rock chucker and partner press. For the past 2 years Iv been using the Lyman turret press, the older one for my LR and hunting loads. For the 223 and 9mm I use my Dillion xl650. I can literally pump out hundreds per hour. For the most part it’s consistent. However you literally have to stay on top of it watching for low primers, powder and shells. You run out of one of these shit gets stupid fast. Rcbs RC press is just solid.i use it for all case related activities except bullet seating and I do that on my partner press. Once dies are set it’s pretty consistent. Lyman press is cool because I can set multiple dies and or multiple calibers. I have a Lyman presses and some others that are from grandpa that I’ll dig out and get names of.
I have a Dillon 550 that I like a lot. Haven't changed to high volume press...this does plenty and good therapy. I have a Redding single stage that I use for lower count reloading, like 260, 6.5, mk262 copy, 444 marlin, etc.
My friend has the 550 that I placed with before I got my 650.
I really liked it. I was actually looking for the 550 when I found the 650. It’s a pain in the ass at times
At one point, I had a 550 for (entire machine) for 5.56, 9mm, 40, 45 and one for revolver stuff at lower volumes. When I stopped shooting USPSA, I sold them all and went to a single stage Rockchucker. I switched over to a Hornady Lock n Load single stage about 5 years ago and only have it now. It does everything for me now. No more high volume
Lee, rcbs, dillion, various lyman, hornady, redding & other gear.

If it works for me, I use it regardless of brand, if not, I box it for trade or sale.

Edit to add: when okc sportsman's warehouse was going out of business, I bought a shitload of various brands of reloading gear & components really very fucking cheap, like .25 cents on the dollar cheap.

Bought two 550b for $160 +tax each, several years back sold one to a bud that had continual user error issues with a different brand progressive he never could figure out. I'd of bought it, but he had a lot of funds in it, and wanted a lot of funds for it.

plus a 1895 cowboy & 1300 defender for 50% off.

Same thing when southwest shooter's closed shop, bought a shitload of reloading components & factory ammo for very cheap.
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