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Speaking of milsurps, Milsurp McDeeznutz is after that box again. LOL. He just got another negative feedback point. Hope they play keep away
Oh yeah, I still have that shit. I need to hit up harp so that I can get this out of the house.

I took your Badger ordinance charging handle latch.
I don't think that was mine. We still need to get a big ole dildo in there
The other day I pinned and welded the muzzle brake on my new build. Isn’t the prettiest, but at the end of the day, I didn’t want it to be beautiful and seamless, I wanted it to be immediately noticeable upon inspection even after rattle canning the rifle. IMG_2734.jpegIMG_3150.jpeg
I was thinks of plastic dipping one and see how it comes out. One could do some kind of rubber spray too.